Fall Advising & Registration 2021

Welcome to WWU and the Engineering & Design Department

Fall Advising & Registration 2021 will take place virtually during the summer months. Once you have signed up, you will be ready to take the first steps in your WWU career!  The Engineering & Design Department hosts four majors; Electrical and Computer Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Plastics & Composites Engineering, and Industrial Design.  If you are interested in any of these degrees, you are in the right place!  

Steps to Take Before Your Advising & Registration Session

You will receive this email a couple of days prior to your scheduled Advising & Registration date. In this email you will find suggestions for fall quarter course registration.  These course suggestions are based on the major/s of interest on your WWU application AND math placement scores, AP scores, and/or transfer credits.  

All incoming students are required to complete the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment.  There are some exceptions.  For more information click this link

Send email to ENGD@wwu.edu and include this information:

Name, W#, intended pre-major

Keep in mind that you can change your pre-major at any time!  Declaring now gives you a "place at WWU" and an advising contact.  

If you are a transfer student or high credit first-year, please take the extra step to email Lisa Ochs, Pre-major Advisor, your most recent academic history (winter and spring quarters).  They are not available in our system!  You will receive registration information in an email about what you are eligible to take in the fall based on pre-requsites completed.  

The classes listed below are based on the major you intend to study at WWU and is the best plan for finishing in four years.  However, many students will find that their Math Placement Score will not allow them to take MATH 124 right away.  That is ok, many of our engineering alumni started in pre-calculus.  It will just take more time to graduate.   If you are interested in Industrial Design and haven't had a portfolio accepted yet, that's ok too.  Plenty of ID graduates weren't accepted the first time!  


A picture of Lisa Ochs, Pre major advisor, smiling

Lisa Ochs

Pre Major Advisor

Register for fall quarter

You will register for fall quarter classes during your Advising & Registration session.  Below are course suggsestions based on your major of interest.  If you have completed a lot of these courses already, look for suggestions in your WWU email from Lisa Ochs. 

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Ready for Calculus?  Not ready for Calculus?
MATH 124 (5) MATH 112 (5) or 114 (5)
PHYS 161 (5) ENG 101- ACOM (5)
CSCI 141 (4) ENGR 101 (2)
ENGR 101 (2) recommended but not required GUR- SSC or HUM


Plastics and Composites Engineering

Ready for Calculus? Not ready for Calculus?
MATH 124 (5) MATH 112 or 114 (5)
CHEM 161 (5) ENG 101 - ACOM (5)
ENGR 101 (2) ENGR 101 (2)
  GUR - SSC or HUM


Industrial Design*

Entrance Portfolio required to declare

Accepted ID Pre-major? Not Accepted ID Pre-major Yet?
ID 110 (4) ENGR 101 (2)
ID 120  (4) ART 109 (3)
MATH 114 (5) ENG 101 - ACOM (5)
  MATH 114 (5)


Manufacturing Engineering

Ready for Calculus? Not ready for Calculus?
MATH 124 (5) MATH 112 or 114 (5)
PHYS 161 (5) ENGR 101 (2)
ENGR 101 (2) ENG 101 - ACOM (5)
  GUR - SSC or HUM


Plans of Study 2021-2022

These are suggested four year plans of study for each program. 

Plastics & Composites Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Industrial Design

Manufacturing Engineering

Check out what we do!

Plastics & Composites Engineering

Industrial Design 

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Engineering & Design pre-majors have access to equipment in our Makerspace! We have a laser cutter, industrial sewing machines, and 3D printers! Students can collaborate on projects and learn from peer mentors in our department. 

students in makerspace

What's next?

On your Advising & Registation date

During your scheduled orientation day Lisa Ochs, Pre-major Advisor, will be available for drop in advising via email to answer your questions! Email me at lisa.ochs@wwu.edu


After Advising & Registration 

Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions!   We are here to help!

Department office: ENGD@wwu.edu  360.650.3380

see you in the fall!