Industrial Technology - Vehicle Design

The Industrial Technology - Vehicle Design program is currently in moratorium and not accepting new students.  

Putting a program into moratorium allows the department to suspend enrollment of new students into the major in order to reevaluate and redefine the curriculum without affecting new students.  Any significant, substantive, or transformational changes can therefore be made without causing disruption to students in the program.

The Engineering & Design department has ABET accredited program in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, and Plastics & Composites Engineering.  More information is about these programs is available on our web site and from our Pre-major advisor Lisa Ochs (

The FSAE team will continue to exist and compete.  Last year – at the request of the students on the team – we switched to a trio of faculty advisors (one from each engineering program).  We are fully committed to both the continuation and success of the FSAE team.

When the program was placed in moratorium Fall of 2018, there were declared majors who were already enrolled.  Courses will be offered so they can complete their degree. 

WWU Racing

Students who are interested in anything related to vehicles are encouraged to check out the WWU Racing student club.  It is active and has opportunities for everyone! 

WWU Racing 

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