Apply to Graduate

1. Review requirements and deadlines 

Seniors should plan to start the application process two quarters before they intend to graduate.  Seniors in our department typically apply in fall quarter to graduate in the spring. The registrar's website has helpful information regarding deadlines, fees, and forms. Degree Application Requirements

2. Meet with Faculty Advisor- review your plan

Schedule a meeting with your faculty advisor(s) during fall quarter. The degree evaluation is completed with your advisor on Degree Works. Reach out to schedule an appointment with your major advisor.  If you are completing a minor, reach out to that department as well for a minor degree evaluation

Check Degree Works to see who your faculty advisor(s) is. 

3. Submit Degree Application

You will receive an email from our department once your major degree evaluation is complete.  At that time you will be asked submit the online Degree Application to the registrar.  


We are here to help!  You can contact the registrar or our department.  

Registrar 360.650.3985
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