Equity and Inclusion in STEM

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There is a critical need to improve communication within the College of Science and Engineering (CSE) between students, staff, faculty, and the administration.  CSE has created two ambassador programs to help facilitate this need as we work towards creating a more inclusive and equitable space for all. 

The Engineering & Design Department has two people devoted to supporting students, staff, and faculty in this department.  They have set office hours and are available to make individual appointments as well. 


Community Ambassador

Community Ambassadors act as liaisons between students, faculty, staff, and the Dean of CSE.  Community Ambassadors seek to engage in issues around advocacy, equity, and diversity in STEM.
Our Community Ambassador is Jill Davishahl.


Jill Davishahl, wearing glasses and a purple shirt with batik feathers

Jill Davishahl

Community Ambassador

Office Hours:

Wednesday 11am-12pm, via Zoom

Jill's Zoom Room

You can also email me directly!  davishj@wwu.edu

Student Ambassador

A College of Science and Engineering (CSE) Student Ambassadors acts as a liaison between students and their faculty, and the Dean of CSE. CSE SA’s seek to engage in issues around advocacy, equity, and diversity in STEM. They will meet regularly with the chair of their department, the Dean of CSE, and engage with students on topics around equity and experiences in STEM.


Coming soon

Student Ambassador

Student Engagement Liaisons

The Department of Engineering and Design recognizes the importance of community among students. Our department has hired two Student Engagement Liaisons in charge of fostering community among students in our department. Everything from social events to running a student discord server, our liaisons work hard to connect our students. 

Asaki Nelson with long brown hair smiling outside on a sunny day

Asaki Nelson

Student Engagement Liaison

social media engagement 

Emilia smiling with her hair back and gazing to the right with sunshine in the background and yellow leaves in the foreground

Emilia Mediavilla

Student Engagement Liaison 

event planning 

Report Issues

To report Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity issues and shortcomings in the Engineering and Design Department, click the "Report Issues" button below.