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There are many student clubs affiliated with the Engineering & Design Department. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in one or more clubs. They provide excellent professional development and networking opportunities, in addition to providing a great way to extend classroom knowledge. Learn more about each club on their pages listed in the menu to the left. 

"Get involved with clubs that do engineering activities like Formula SAE, IEEE Chapter, the Oceania Technology Club or the Robotics Club.  Don't be afraid of getting involved when you know little to nothing about these clubs or projects. You will likely end up learning things you won't cover in your studies.  It is time consuming, but rewarding."

- Riley Murray, Junior, Electrical Engineering

Full List of Student Clubs

Engineers without Borders

Engineers Without Borders logo

Engineers without Borders Club Website


Meeting times: 5:30-6:30 pm second Tuesday of the month

Meeting place: Brandywine Kitchen (downtown Bellingham)


IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Student Chapter

IEEE logo

IEEE Club website

Faculty Advisor: Ying Lin 


National Society of Black Engineers

Society for the Advancement of Materials and Process Engineering (SAMPE)

Society for the advancement of materials and processing engineering logo

SAMPE Club website

Faculty Advisor: John Misasi


Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

society of women engineers logo


Faculty Advisor:  Sura Al-Qudah


IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu (HKN)

Industrial Design Society of America (IDSA) Student Chapter

Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) Student Chapter

society of plastics engineers logo

SPE Club website

Faculty Advisor: Nicole Hoekstra



Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)


Western Racing website

Social Media pages:

Instagram  Facebook  Twitter

Faculty Advisors:

Nicole Larson,David Gill, John Lund



Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)

Society of manufacturing engineers logo

SME Club website 

Faculty Advisor: David Gill