Research and Student Projects

beach plastics

Showing the worth of ocean plastics as a reusable item and then creating a robust industry niche for that plastic would be so important.  And our students are working towards that. 

Associate Professor John Misasi
North American Ocean Plastics Research

Plastics & Composites Engineering

PCE students have the opportunity to work on research projects alongside faculty and industry partners.  Click on the link below to learn more!

Current Research

  • Reducing aerospace composite waste
  • North American Ocean Plastics Recycling
  • Reversible thermosets for recyclable composites
  • Compostable plastics degradation in the environment
  • Safer materials for aircraft interior composites
  • High performance 3D printing materials for space applications

Be a part of the solution

Manufacturing Engineering

Manufacturing Engineering students have the opportunity to work as research assistants alongside faculty and industry partners.  Check out the links below for more information!

Current Research

  • Machining Research Lab
  • Applied ergonomics & human factors
  • Learning factories
  • Automation
  • Manufacturing systems & product design
  • 3D printing process evaluation methods
  • Machining of aerospace materials


student presentations

Whether it’s a research project with a professor or a student engineering club/competition - just do something, and do it well. That’s one of the main advantages of the engineering programs at Western - there are just as many opportunities to get hands on, applicable experience outside of the classroom as there is inside the classroom.

Wyatt Lemoine
Manufacturing Engineering, Class of 2020
students presenting

Industrial Design

Industrial Design students showcase their work both digitally and in person.  Many of the student projects are in collaboration with industry partners.  Click on the links below to see what our students can do. 

2021 Senior Project -Ampersand

2021 Junior ID Showcase

2020 Senior ID Showcase 

CUBE Project

WWU ID student work

Instagram - industrial design

Design. Make. Solve.

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering students can work alongside faculty members on research projects.  

Current Research

It's a great feeling to develop a tangible item with a clear purpose and use for the company. 

Daniel Guilder, EECE student
Senior Capstone Project sponsored by PACCAR
lab photo

Earn credits towards your degree!

Students may earn credits for participating in research.  Each research credit is equal to 3 hours of research work per week during a quarter.  While students may repeat research courses, there is limit of how many credits may be applied to the degree. Consult your faculty advisor for options and registration approval.  Forms below must be completed and submitted to the faculty member before registration. 

formula team

Another way to get involved in projects is to join a Student Club! 

Learn more about student clubs!