Industrial Design Minor


Industrial design is a multidisciplinary field that focuses on the aesthetic and functional aspects of products and their usability. It is the process of creating and developing the appearance, form, and usability of manufactured objects, ranging from everyday consumer goods to industrial machinery and equipment. 

This minor recognizes the significant effort of the ID pre-majors who have not been selected as majors.  

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Requirements To Declare the Minor


In order to declare the Industrial Design minor, students must meet both 1 and 2 criteria listed below.  The Industrial Design minor is not available to Industrial Design majors.  

1. Industrial Design pre-major status

In order to declare as an Industrial Design pre-major, students must have a portfolio accepted by the ID program. This is required to be eligible for enrollment in Industrial Design courses.  

Entrance portfolio requirements, due dates, and examples are available on the ID website. Entrance Portfolio - Admissions

2. Complete required courses

Students must have successfully completed these courses in order to declare the ID minor:

ID 110 - Industrial Design Foundation 1

ID 120 - Industrial Design Foundation 2

ID 130 - History of Industrial Design

ID 210 -   Sophomore Industrial Design 1

ID 220 - Sophomore Industrial Design 2

ID 310 - Perspective and Rendering 1

ID 320 - Industrial Design CAD Skills

ENGR 115 - Innovation in Design


Request to declare the minor

Eligible students may submit this request form, after successful completion of the courses listed above.  Students will be notified of determination within one week of submission via email.

Industrial Design minor application 

Contact Information

For questions about the minor, contact the Pre-major Advisor, Lisa Ochs, at 360-650-4132 or