First-Year Programs


First-Year Programs is the launchpad for engineering and design students.  Developed through research-based curriculum to cultivate a strong foundation and sense of belonging for our students.  

We educate hundreds of students annually, providing them with resources, space, and opportunities to explore and follow their educational paths.  

Students interested in the engineering programs and/or industrial design take courses within this curriculum.  First-Year Programs supports the Makerspace, peer mentoring, community building, and academic advising. 

community project

Pictured at left:  students working in the Makerspace - second floor of the Ross Engineering Technology Building. 

Pictured above:  students working on the collaborative community egg farm project.  



Located in the Ross Engineering Building, the Makerspace offers access to equipment and support to all WWU students. 

Student Engagement Liaisons

The Engineering & Design Department recognizes the importance of community among students.  Student Liaisons build community by planning social events, host a discord channel, and are present in the Makerspace.

Academic Advising

Academic Advising for first-year engineering and design students is available.  Our pre-major advisor is available for in-person or virtual appointments.  

     Lisa Ochs

     Pre-major Advisor


First-Year Programs Director

Jill Davishahl

Assistant Professor
ET 272

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