Transfer Students

Welcome to WWU and thank you for your interest in the Engineering & Design Department! This information will hopefully provide you enough tools to help you prepare for a smooth and efficient transition to WWU.

Students are encouraged to contact the Department Pre-major Advisor to discuss important questions about major requirements, course equivalencies and the best time to transfer.  Take time to learn the major requirements and prerequisites for the major or majors you are considering.


Transfer Advisor

Lisa Ochs, Pre-major Advisor


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Dan Struble

Dan Struble is a senior in the Polymer Materials Engineering program.  Dan attended Whatcom Community College before transferring to WWU.  Dan is a TA in many courses and participates in research with Associate Professor John Misasi.

After graduation, Dan plans to pursue his PhD at Southern Mississippi University in Polymer Science.  

Transfer Process

Western Washington University Office of Admissions posts deadlines and requirements here. Confirm with the Pre-major Advisor the best quarter to begin at WWU depending on your specific academic history.

Students who have not  yet met all of the prerequisite requirements and will need to complete those at WWU, declaring your pre-major will enable you to register for the courses and provide you with a department advisor. Send an email to to declare your pre-major. Students interested in Industrial Design must first have an Entrance Portfolio accepted to declare. Students who have met  all of the prerequisites for their major of interest, may apply to the major without declaring as a pre-major first.  Contact the pre-major advisor to confirm application deadlines. Each major has different application time periods.

See individual Major Admissions section for application materials and deadlines (links below).  Transfer applicants are considered at the same time as applicants who are WWU students. The criteria by which applicants are judged vary from major to major and are outlined in the Admissions sections.

Course Equivalencies

In state course transfer

For students transferring from Washington community colleges and public baccalaureate institutions in Washington, Western's Transfer Course Equivalency Guide is a useful tool for assessing what coursework will transfer directly to Western. 

Note: While some math and science courses may be not transfer directly, our department may still accept them for major requirements.  Contact the pre-major advisor for assistance. 

Out of state course transfer

Out of state and private in-state institutions have not been evaluated for their courses and how they transfer to WWU. If you would like our department to take a look at an engineering course(s) you are transferring in to determine equivalency please complete this request form. 

Major Ready Pathways for Engineering Degrees

Use these pathways to plan your courses at your community college.  Many of the courses you will need are part of sequences, and some may be offered only certain quarters.  Not all community colleges offer equivalents to WWU courses.  Use the Transfer Equivalency Guide tool to determine whether the courses are equivalent. Students who were working towards or have completed an AS-T (Associate in Science - Transfer) Track 2 are the most prepared to transfer into an engineering program at WWU.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I transfer to WWU? 

The answer to this question is very individual and dependent on so many things.  It is strongly recommended to speak to the Pre-major Advisor about your particular plan.   It is important to know when each program accepts applications and starts major restricted courses. See program admissions links above. 

How long will it take to graduate after I transfer? 

The amount of time a transfer student will need to spend at Western varies by program. For Electrical and Computer Engineering and Industrial Design students, expect to spend at least three years at WWU, as some of the required coursework is not offered at other institutions. For Manufacturing Engineering and Plastics and Composites Engineering students, the length of attendance at Western depends on what courses a student has completed already, and the course load they are willing to take each term. Because timelines are so unique for each student, it is recommended to contact the department Pre Major Advisor for advising.

Approximate years spent as a full major:

  • Electrical and Computer Engineering: 3 years
  • Manufacturing Engineering: 2 years plus 1 quarter
  • Polymer Materials Engineering: 2 years plus 1 quarter
  • Industrial Design: 2 years after 1 year as a pre-major

What courses should I focus on at my other institution?

Engineering interest:   Calculus series, physics with calculus series,  computer programming, and general chemistry

Industrial Design interest:  Drawing course, 3D art sculpture courses, computer graphics, pre-calculus I and II, and general physics

Should I get an AS-T or a DTA?

An Associate in Science transfer (AS-T) degree is the most efficient degree to pursue at the community college level because the plan of study most matches the foundation courses in our department. It is recommended but not necessary to complete the degree before transferring to WWU.

Transfer students should note that having a completed DTA or AS-T degree does not automatically mean they will be able to complete a program in the Engineering & Design department in two years. What is most important for students planning to transfer to Western is to successfully complete required major prerequisite and core coursework that will transfer to Western, and can be counted towards major requirements. See Advising links below. 

When can I apply to my major?

Transfer students must first apply to the university. Our department does not directly admit students into their majors.  If a student has completed ALL of the required foundational coursework at their transfer institution, they can apply to the major at the same time as western students.  See individual major admissions pages for those application deadlines.  Contact the pre-major advisor for specific questions!  

Who can I contact for more questions?

Pre-major Advisor:  Lisa Ochs