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Lisa Ochs
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Embark on a transformative journey with Western’s Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering, where innovation meets real-world application! Dive into the heart of how products shaping our future are brought to life, from personalized prosthetic devices to advanced jet airliners. As a student in Western’s Manufacturing Engineering program, you’ll not just learn about manufacturing; you’ll be at the forefront of designing and creating the products that define our modern world. 

As a Manufacturing Engineer, you’ll transform ideas into reality through a creative and thorough process of design, production, and continuous improvement. You’ll become a critical thinker and a hands-on learner, mastering a diverse array of technologies from metal fabrication to robotics and quality assurance. Your journey will be rich with challenges, learning, and new skills, preparing you to manage and improve the facilities and processes that drive successful organizations. 

At Western’s Manufacturing Engineering program, we don’t just teach engineering; we prepare you to make an impact. Our program is built on the Society for Manufacturing (SME) Engineering's Four Pillars, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the Manufacturing Engineering field. With intensive fascinating laboratory experiences utilizing state-of-the-art equipment integrated into our courses, you’ll bridge the gap between theory and practice, solving real manufacturing problems for industry and applying classroom knowledge to real-world projects. 

Specialize in areas that fascinate you by choosing an emphasis in CAD/CAM, Robotics/Automation, Manufacturing & Systems Management, or Composites Manufacturing enriched with elective courses that hone your expertise. Our curriculum, crafted in collaboration with industry leaders, ensures you’re not just ready for the job market but poised to lead it. Step into Western’s Manufacturing Engineering program and start shaping the future, one innovative solution at a time. Join us in crafting the next generation of products and processes that will revolutionize our world! 

The Manufacturing Engineering program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, Accreditation and enrollment numbers are available here.

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Manufacturing Engineering Alumni

class of 2023

Congratulations to the Manufacturing Engineering Class of 2023! 

Good luck in your career and educational journeys. 


Myann Refai, Class of 2017

Outstanding Graduate

Compartment Manufacturing Engineer, General Motors

"In my role it’s important for me to be a “detective” and look for any and all manufacturing concerns in the 3D virtual CAD space for my given vehicle program before it makes its way to a plant for production. So I look for things such as ergo concerns, locating features on parts, keeping fasteners common across multiple vehicles in the same plant, etc. When I identify issues or opportunities for improvement, I then work with the product team to resolve them!"


Paul Goins, Class of 2021

Quality Engineer, Janicki Industries

"The Manufacturing Engineering program here at Western was an amazing experience for me. Each class I took brought with it an exciting opportunity to learn more about how the products we see and use every day are created, and I was able to bring home quite the assortment of fascinating parts that I had the satisfaction of making myself. On top of that, all the professors genuinely cared about my success and development as an engineer, and I was able to work alongside a group of my peers who became some of my closest friends."