Deborah Glosser

She/Her/Hers, Assistant Professor


Mountains, ice climbing, social justice, and science

Educational & Professional Experience

PhD, Civil Engineering/Materials, Oregon State University

MS, Geophysics, University of Pittsburgh

BA, Computational Linguistics, The Ohio State University

Recent Publications

Glosser. D., Santykul, E., Suraneni, P., A thermodynamic perspective on wind turbine glass fiber as a supplementary cementitious material, Cement (2022)

Bharadwaj, K., Glosser, D., Ideker, J., Trejo, D. Isgor, B., Weiss, J., A new mixture proportioning method for performance based concrete, (2021) ACI Materials Journal

Glosser, D., Suraneni, P., Isgor, B., Weiss, J., Determining reactivity of fly ash using glass content in thermodynamic calculations, ACI Materials (2021)

Glosser, D., Suraneni, P., Isgor, B., Weiss, J., Estimating reaction kinetics of cementitious pastes containing fly ash, Cement and Concrete Composites (2021)

Glosser, D., Isgor, B., Weiss, J., Non-equilibrium thermodynamic modeling framework for OPC/SCM Systems, *invited paper, ACI Materials (2020)

Glosser, D, Bauer, J., A graph theoretic model for predicting fracture networks, (book chapter) in: Hydraulic fracturing and well simulation, Wiley books, editor: Fred Aminzadeh, ISBN 1119555698, (2019)

Bharadwaj, K., Glosser, D. Isgor, B., Weiss, J., Toward the Prediction of Pore Volumes and Freeze-Thaw Performance of Concrete Using Thermodynamic Modelling, (2019) Cement and Concrete Research, Vol. 124,

Glosser, D. Choudhary, A., Ideker, J., Trejo, D., Isgor, B. Weiss, J. Thermodynamic Investigation of Cementitious Mixtures Incorporating Off-Spec Fly Ashes, (2019), World of Coal Ash Proceedings

Choudhary, A., Glosser, D. Isgor, B, Weiss, J., Experimental Test Method to Determine the Reactivity of Fly Ash for Use in Mixture Proportioning (2019), World of Coal Ash Proceedings

Isgor, B., Weiss J., Ideker, J, Glosser, D.: Development of a performance-based mixture proportioning procedure for concrete incorporating off-spec fly ash, submitted to Energy Power Research Institute, Interim Technical Report on Thermodynamic modeling of mixtures using off-spec fly ashes, Corvallis, OR (2018).

Glosser, D, Choudhary, A.,  Isgor, B., Weiss J.; Investigation of the reactivity of fly ash and its effects on mixture properties, American Concrete Institute Materials Journal (Special Edition), (2019). * invited paper, Vol. 114 issue 4

Glosser, D, Jafari-Azad, V, Suraneni, P., Isgor, B, Weiss, J;, An extension of the Powers-Brownyard model to pastes containing SCM (2019), American Concrete Institute Materials Journal

Glosser D, J Bauer, A Graph Theoretic Approach for Spatial Analysis of Induced Fracture Networks, Journal of Sustainable Energy Engineering (2016) DOI: 10.7569/JSEE.2016.0931402

Verba, C.; Montross, , Spaulding, R., Dalton, L.;, Crandall, D., Moore, J.,Huerta, N., Kutchko, B, Glosser D; Foamed Cement Interactions with CO2; NETL-TRS-X-2016; NETL Technical Report Series; U.S. Department of Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory: Morgantown, WV, 2016; p XX.

Bromhal, G.  Glosser D, et al, Well Integrity for Natural Gas Storage in Depleted Reservoirs and Aquifers, DOE National Laboratories Well Integrity Work Group Report Technical Report Series XX-XXX (January, 2017)

Glosser D, Rose, K, Huerta, N Using Temporal Trends in Wellbore Materials, Design, and Plugging, to Estimate the Flow Barrier Lifetimes of Well Populations by Age, NETL Technical Report Series U.S. Department of Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory: Morgantown, WV, 2016; p XX.

Glosser, D., Kutchko, B, Crandall, T et al Relationship between operational variables, fundamental physics and foamed cement properties in lab and field generated foamed cement slurries. Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering (2016), Full text.

Glosser, D., Rose, K, Bauer, J: Spatio-Temporal Analysis to Constrain Uncertainty in Wellbore Datasets: An Adaptable Analytical Approach in Support of Science-Based Decision Making, Journal of Sustainable Energy Engineering (2016) DOI: 10.7569/JSEE.2016.629502

Dilmore, R; Sams, J; Glosser, D et al, Spatial and temporal characteristics of historical oil and gas wells in Pennsylvania: Implications for new shale gas resources, Environmental Science and Technology, (2015), 10.1021/acs.est.5b00820

Research Interests

Thermodynamics of materials, numerical methods, heat transfer, sustainable cement

Selected Awards & Honors

ACI Wason Medal for Materials Research (2021) – Honor bestowed by the Board of Directors of the American Concrete Research Institute

ASTM International Mather Scholarship (2019) – Competitive merit-based scholarship for demonstrated contributions in cement or concrete materials research.

PacTrans Fellowship (2017 and 2018) – The PacTrans fellowship is an annual merit-based cash award for contributions to civil engineering research offered by the Pacific Northwest Transportation Consortium.

University Laurels Block Grant (2018) – The UGLBG program is a competitive tuition remission scholarship administered by the Oregon State University Graduate School awarded based on student merit.

Provosts Distinguished Graduate Student Scholarship (2017) – The Provost’s Distinguished Graduate Fellowship Program is a prestigious Oregon State University fellowships, and is comprised of twelve-month stipends, plus tuition scholarships and subsidized health insurance for one year.

ARCS Foundation Scholar (2017-2020) – ARCS Awards are unrestricted cash awards to the top students in approved departments of science, engineering and medical research at academic partner universities, and are based upon merit, funded by the ARCS Foundation.

Certificate of Merit, Assistant Secretary of Fossil Energy (2016) – Certificate of Recognition from Assistant Secretary of Fossil Energy for foamed cement work published in the Journal of Petroleum Technology (2016).

Society of Petroleum Engineers, STAR Fellowship (2015-2019) – Four-year cash award in recognition of excellence in energy related research.