Industrial Design Advising

Steps to Declare

Pre-major:  The Industrial Design program requires students to submit an Entrance Portfolio in order to be admitted as a pre-major for ID. Students cannot register for ID courses until they have been accepted as a pre-major. Visit the Pre-major Admissions page for detailed information on this process. 

Full Major: Once pre-majors have completed a set of specific coursework they can apply for the full major.   Visit the Major Admissions page for specific information.

Advising: It is strongly recommended new students seek early advising with our department Pre-major Advisor (see below)

ID engineering path

ID Interest Course Suggestions

While students are trying to become a pre-major in Industrial Design, there are still courses that apply to the major that don't require admission. 

  • ENGR 101/115 
  • Art 109
  • Math 114/115
  • Physics 114/115
  • Art History courses
  • GURs

User Experience (UX) Design Minor

[User Experience (UX) Design is a] “holistic, multidisciplinary approach to the design of user interfaces for digital products, defining their form, behavior and content. User experience design integrates interaction design, industrial design, information architecture, information design, visual interface design and user-centered design, ensuring coherence and consistency across all of these design dimensions.”

Reach out:

Engineering and Design Office
ET 204

Lisa Ochs
Pre-major Advisor
ET 204

Jason Morris
Professor & Program Director

Arunas Oslapas
Professor, Industrial Design