Industrial Design Advising

Steps to Declare

Pre-major:  The Industrial Design program requires students to submit an Entrance Portfolio in order to be admitted as a pre-major for ID. Students cannot register for ID courses until they have been accepted as a pre-major. Visit the Pre-major Admissions page for detailed information on this process. 

Full Major: Once pre-majors have completed a set of specific coursework they can apply for the full major.   Visit the Major Admissions page for specific information.

Advising: It is strongly recommended new students seek early advising with our department Pre-major Advisor (see below)


Pre-major Advisor

Lisa Ochs


Email or call with questions!

ID engineering path

ID Interest Course Suggestions

While students are trying to become a pre-major in Industrial Design, there are still courses that apply to the major that don't require admission. 

  • ENGR 101/115 
  • Art 109
  • Math 114/115
  • Physics 114/115
  • Art History courses
  • GURs